Building the future of fan data using AWS

StellarAlgo partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to process billions of fan interactions every single day.

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For ultimate security and reliability, it has to be AWS

StellarAlgo was born-in-the-cloud and is all-in on AWS. We use Amazon Redshift, AWS Glue, Amazon SageMaker, and more, to build and manage our modern cloud data architecture. By leveraging AWS, StellarAlgo products provide the highest possible resiliency and availability commitment, even through natural disasters or system failures.

Secure by design and in deployment

Reduced meantime to customer development

Matches performance curves for customer demand

Highly scalable and reliable

Proud to be an AWS Sports Industry Partner

The world’s leading sports organizations already rely on AWS for innovation – on the field, on the screen, and behind the scenes. As an AWS Sports Industry Partner, StellarAlgo empowers these organizations to unlock data-driven fan insights and maximize engagement across the entire fan journey.
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How we built the world’s most predictive fan retention model using AWS

AWS technologies powering the
StellarAlgo Platform

Amazon Redshift

AWS Glue

AWS Lambda

AWS Step Functions


Amazon SageMaker

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