In The News: It’s Not Just Big Tech: Sports Teams Are Tracking You Too
April 18, 2019
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From The OZY

StellarAlgo was recently featured in OZY on how analytics is changing the big data game for teams and venues, allowing them to leverage the information they have while also protecting fan privacy. Check out this excerpt from the article:

And once you’re in, advanced analytics firms like StellarAlgo help teams and venues personalize your experience, by building a unique profile of each fan based on their behavior on apps, social media and the internet more broadly. The multiple mobile notifications may be annoying, but it’s not all bad. Desperate to keep fans loyal, venues and teams are also trying to make the experience smoother for them. Want booze delivered to your seat (even in the nosebleeds)? You’ll soon be in luck.

“Whether that means faster lines, in-seat food and beverage options or individual customer promotions, there’s pressure to make the fan experience special,” says Vince Ircandia, founder of StellarAlgo and a former Trail Blazers executive. “[Fans] want messaging that is unique; otherwise it all just becomes noise. We help organizations understand how to maximize the value of those fans.”


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