2022 StellarAlgo Highlight Reel

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Jan 09, 2023

Vince Ircandia

If StellarAlgo was an athlete, we’d be the unassuming (but loveable) underdog. Our biopic would be about an overlooked boxer training in some hole-in-the-wall gym. Somewhere out of the spotlight, putting in the work, day in and day out. Honing our skills while relentlessly preparing for our big break.

Well, 2022 was that big break. We’ve been quietly building our technology over the past 5 years knowing we were on to something big and trusting in our team until the time was just right.

Closing our $16.5M Series A in November 2021 was the moment the pieces really fit into place. It was like we got the call – “It’s time to put all that hard work to the test”.

We stepped into the ring in January 2022 and haven’t stopped swinging since. Our multi-million dollar investments in product development propelled us forward and helped us serve our rapidly growing customer base. And grow it has. With more than 100% growth in topline revenue and 110% net revenue retention, we have more than exceeded our 2022 targets.

Over the past year we’ve added 66 new partners, including:

  • Major sports properties from the NBA, NHL, NFL, and more
  • Media giant, Warner Bros. Discovery Sports (previously WarnerMedia Turner Sports)
  • Big-name brand partners like Toyota, Levi’s, BC Lotto, Skip the Dishes, and more

We also launched three new products: for Data Teams, we rolled out the StellarAlgo Data Lakehouse; for brand partners, we introduced the StellarAffiliate Data Clean Room; and for multi-property organizations, we created a unique offering that captures customer data from all their properties into a single, unified space where users can surface insights from individual properties as well as organization-wide. We also built out more tried and true Stellar Plays to make it easier for our partners to engage with their fans.

Also in 2022, the StellarAlgo Platform eclipsed 200M known fan records. With each new known fan record, our algorithms continue to grow smarter and our machine learning models give our partners a more comprehensive and accurate view of the ever-changing North American fanbase. Thanks to the advancements in our machine learning technology, StellarAlgo is now the most accurate, ML-driven predictive technology in the sports and entertainment industry.

In just over a year, we’ve grown our roster from 46 to more than 85 StellarAlgo All-Stars. We now have hubs in Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary (our HQ). We also launched a US subsidiary and have more than 10 teammates on the ground in major US markets.

To help guide us on our ambitious global growth, we added some of the brightest minds in venture and tech to our Board of Directors, including Todd Worsley, Investment Executive at Carallas Holdings; Gladys Kong, Chief Operating Officer at Near; and Peter Carrescia, Co-founder and Head of Strategy & Business Development at Qui Identity Inc. Their experience and advice have proven invaluable.  

What a year it’s been. When we closed our Series A last year I remember thinking, “Okay, here we go”. Now, as I reflect on our triumphs over the past 12 months, my thoughts are, “Wow, we’re doing it. And there’s so much more to come”.

To my StellarAlgo team, thank you for your tireless hard work and passion for our shared mission. We are where we are because of you.

To our investors, thank you for recognizing this Canadian startup had the potential to become a global powerhouse.

And to our customers (both new and old), thank you for partnering with us and trusting us with your biggest business challenges and objectives. Your victories are our pride and joy, and we’re committed to continuing to push the boundaries with you.

Cheers to 2022, our best year yet. Now, bring on 2023.

– Vince

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