Brand Partners

Actionable data insights for Brand Partners

The sports and entertainment industry is trying to get smarter about how it activates and measures corporate partnerships.

Sponsorship teams are under increased pressure to show return on investments to their sponsors. Brand partnerships are often still measured in terms of media value from metrics such as exposure, video view duration, reach, and engagement across multiple digital channels or by other activations over a number of years. While this media value is important from an awareness standpoint, it isn’t able to track customer acquisition as a result of a sponsorship. The missing piece to giving sponsorship teams and sponsors a 360 degree understanding of how their sponsorships are performing, is arming them with the data to not only show awareness increases but also revenue increases. Currently, this has proven difficult since sponsors and sponsorship teams have separate customer data sets that are challenging to aggregate due to security and compliance regulations on both sides. Now, there’s a solution. StellarAlgo works with sponsorship teams and with rights holders to create a shared data asset that can be used by both organizations to segment, activate, and measure the audiences that matter most to the partnership. By understanding and measuring audiences through a secure, automated, and transparent platform, StellarAlgo helps sponsorship teams and sponsors work together to show true success.

Partner Identification and Selection

  • Create efficient and optimal partnerships by swiftly evaluating overlap between brand and rights-holder databases
  • Combine data sets or customer profiles from sponsors to identify the size, scope and value of the opportunity

Launch and Activation Strategy

  • Augment the ability to drive impactful activation with an enhanced understanding of target audiences
  • Enhance fan data with additional sources and use our machine learning powered platform to deliver audiences that convert

Scale Activation and Achieve Value

  • Use our automated tools to swiftly scale your ability to reach the right fan, with the right message, at the right moment
  • Leverage our easy to use fan segmentation and activation tools to scale personalized campaigns at a dynamically changing audience

Measure and Optimize

  • Measure the impact on target audience with automated attribution tools that show the value of what is working, regardless of how the fan was activated
  • Use our attribution tools to optimize performance at a portfolio, property or specific activation level

Security and Compliance

  • Customer data is extremely delicate, especially with more anti-spam laws coming into effect around the world (GDPR, CCPA, CASL, etc.).
  • StellarAlgo’s Sponsorship Module keeps customer data from the team and the sponsor separate to ensure that both organizations stay compliant.
  • Only see overlapping customer profiles that have fully opted-in in order to give you confidence in your outreach strategy