How the Vancouver Canucks used the StellarAlgo CDP to identify and engage fans for a premier sponsor

Since 2017, the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks have been an active StellarAlgo partner and champion of using data to achieve a holistic single customer view of their passionate fanbase.

In March 2021, the club began to explore opportunities to use their CDP to glean valuable insights into their activation strategy for corporate partnerships. With help from StellarAlgo, the Canucks identified key personas that Toyota – their premier sponsor – was looking to reach, and then mapped those personas to their known fan universe (of more than 1.6 million fans) to build 15 highly targeted segments. The Canucks then ran a specialized campaign that employed personalized messaging to each of the 15 segments, resulting in more than 5,000 top-tier matches with engagement rates surpassing 40%.

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Download the full case study to learn how the Vancouver Canucks used the StellarAlgo Customer Data Platform to identify and engage fans who fit the precise personas their premier sponsor was looking to target – and how you can as well:

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