Live Sports

Actionable data insights for Live Sports Events

Global customers need a global solution to understand them.

Live events find themselves needing to understand customers or athletes who only attend one or two events per year. This means that adequately nurturing customers and knowing when to sell tickets is imperative. Give yourself the insights you need to outsell your events.


  • Know where your unique global audiences come from and how they buy
  • Whether you have one tournament or multiple events each year, it’s crucial to understand where your customers are coming from, when they like to buy, and how they buy.
  • Customer migration reports enable you to track how customers or athletes move through products or races year-over-year
  • Use segmentation tools to filter your customer universe based on geographic data and historical behaviors in order to personalize content that will engage your audience
  • Improved understanding of global fan segments coupled with robust segmentation and attribution tools allow for better customer conversion and increased ticket sales 

When a tournament is in flight, data needs to move at the same speed

  • Amplified reporting frequency during ongoing, live events provides live ticket sales data and actionable pricing insights at least every 3 hours. Need it faster? Our platform can deliver near real-time data within 2min which means you can optimize on the fly.
  • With data ingestion frequencies increased, see how digital ads are performing even quicker as well. Use the Cohort Analyzer to adjust or retarget ads in order sell last minute tickets


increase in single match tickets


increase in new buyers


increase in partial series packages

“We were able to see how each session was selling on a daily basis while identifying the best fan segments for our message. The reporting available in the StellarAlgo Platform facilitates identifying which types of messages and channels are most effective for each segment of our fanbase. This informed our marketing strategy prior to and during the tournament to be able to create those great experiences that people have come to expect.”


Marketing and Special Projects Manager, W&S Open Cincinnati