From quiet confidence to boldly leading the way: Meet the new StellarAlgo

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Sep 19, 2022

Vince Ircandia

I’m thrilled to announce some exciting changes happening at StellarAlgo. Over the past few months, our team has been hard at work redefining the look and feel of our brand to more accurately tell our story and help us to better serve our customers. You have all trusted StellarAlgo as a strategic technology partner, and many of you have been with us from the beginning, through past iterations and evolutions. This time our color palette, brand mark, website design – even how we describe our offering – all received a facelift. And we’re confident you’re going to love it. 

Why do a brand refresh now? 

When we started out in 2016, StellarAlgo was a very basic fan insight and no-code segmentation tool. We created the brand and website internally and embraced our identity as a lean and mean startup. The original brand got us going, and it helped us connect with incredible partners (including many of you).

We aren’t the same StellarAlgo today. In fact, a lot has changed. We have evolved into: 

  • a multi-tool platform with robust features and world-class support;
  • stewards of the world’s largest fan data asset of more than 200M fans;
  • a value-creating offering for leagues, live events, media and gaming, and corporate partners;
  • a bigger, stronger team (now 80 strong) from Calgary to Vancouver, Toronto, New York, and other U.S. markets.

Today, we create value for the entire sports and entertainment ecosystem and are doubling down with an ambitious investment plan for the teams who have been with us from the very beginning. 

As the company has grown (rapidly), we realized we had outgrown our brand. To really lead the charge on industry innovation, we knew we needed to make a bold move. 

The goal: Harness the energy of sports and entertainment

Fans are the most passionate customers on earth. We act as a catalyst, helping our customers deliver exceptional, personalized experiences that make it easier to be a fan. As a company that lives and breathes sports and live entertainment, we wanted our brand to reflect the energy, passion, and pace of the industry we serve. 

Evolving our look

When we embarked on this brand refresh, nothing was safe or sacred – every aspect of our brand was scrutinized and subject to revision. Over the course of this process, however,  Team Stellar was loud and clear in their desire to preserve our longstanding brand mark, the StellarAlgo dial. Its meaning still holds true for us today: we are intensely passionate about helping our customers turn up the dial and maximize the value and power of their fans. 

We explored many versions with and without a dial until we found the right fit. We’ve moved the needle – our new dial is all about acceleration and turning things up a notch (or four) because we know it’s always possible to find a new speed and unlock more value. 

We wanted our font to pack more of a punch as well. We changed the font but kept the contrast between Stellar and Algo, a convention we first adopted in 2019.

When it came to updating our color palette and visuals, we wanted BIG and bold. The bright fuchsia, teal, and blue (often combined in a wave) convey the energy we wanted more effectively than our original combination of black and gold. I can’t wait for you to experience this new energy in every interaction with StellarAlgo.

Upgrading our language

StellarAlgo isn’t just for marketers. Or analysts. Or data scientists. It’s for anyone involved in understanding and engaging fans. We are the technology that puts the fan at the center of every decision you make.

As we brought the new brand to life on our website, we committed to making our language accessible to everyone. Our platform makes it easy for everyone to unify, identify, and engage fans. For us, this begins with making it easy for anyone to understand what we do. As you explore our new website, you’ll find less technical jargon and more emphasis on the value we can create together.

What’s next for StellarAlgo?

So much. I have never been more confident in our ability to create value for the entire sports and entertainment ecosystem. The StellarAlgo Platform becomes more powerful by the day, and our team is whole-heartedly committed to helping our partners – teams, leagues, properties, corporate partners, and more – create measurable game-changing value.

We’ve accomplished a lot together since 2016. I hope you feel that growth in our new brand.

And we’re just getting started. 

– Vince 

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