The Digital Transformation of Professional Sports


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Aug 23, 2019


From Tie Breaker

We were recently featured in TieBreaker in an article about how the sports industry is changing based on digital trends and consumer behavior.

It’s no secret that sports teams are a business, and part of the business is connecting with customers. Fans experience games in a different way than they used to; teams that personalize their approach will come out on top.

That’s why data and analytics are huge for sports organizations.

“The increased focus on data and analytics has allowed sports and entertainment organizations to develop a deeper understanding of their fans, and as a result, they are able to get the right message to the right fan, at the right time,” says Vincent Ircandia, founder and CEO of StellarAlgo, whose platform uses machine learning and predictive technology to help teams use data to map customer journeys and segment audiences. “By better understanding fan behavior, teams are able to focus more on what their fans actually want so their overall experience improves.” 

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