Milwaukee Bucks partner with StellarAlgo to drive revenue in and out of market

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Jan 12, 2022


2021 NBA champions prioritize data-driven fan engagement using
StellarAlgo’s CDP

Milwaukee, WI – StellarAlgo and the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks are proud to announce a new partnership. On the heels of their 2021 NBA Finals championship win, the Milwaukee Bucks have chosen StellarAlgo’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) to help them better understand and engage with their growing fanbase. To streamline and optimize their fan engagement strategy, the Milwaukee Bucks will use StellarAlgo’s CDP to consolidate their fan data from a variety of sources, and to surface data-driven insights for a deeper understanding of which key fan acquisition channels best serve their priorities.

“It’s been an exciting and rewarding year for the Bucks and we want to build on that momentum, not just this season, but for the long term, to become more streamlined and efficient in our approach to fan engagement and conversion,” said Raven Jemison, Executive Vice President of Business Operations at the Milwaukee Bucks. “StellarAlgo is the industry standard for fan segmentation, data strategy, and fan activation. So together with StellarAlgo, we can begin the work of better understanding our fans to identify opportunities, personalize and target content to our fan segments, and streamline our sales and marketing processes to reach our goals more efficiently and effectively.”

The insights the Bucks glean from their CDP will also be used to inform the team’s larger sales and marketing strategies, including using gameday insights – such as mobile app data – to ensure the best possible gameday experience for fans, enabling the team to provide relevant, personalized offers for food and beverage, merchandise, contesting, and more, to make each fan’s gameday experience even more impactful.

“The Milwaukee Bucks are one of the most well-respected teams in the NBA, with a genuine focus on providing the best possible experience for fans and customers at every point along their journey,” said Tim Hayos, VP of Sales at StellarAlgo. “It’s a true pleasure to have the opportunity to support the Bucks team as they build a deeper understanding of their fans and channel the momentum of their championship win into so many innovative, data-driven approaches to fan engagement.”

StellarAlgo’s Customer Data Platform leverages proprietary machine learning algorithms that provide sports franchises and live audience businesses with predictive insights into fan retention, lead recommendations, and flags those who may be at risk of churn. More than 85 major and minor league sports team across North America – including the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers and Sacramento Kings – use StellarAlgo’s Customer Data Platform and Data Warehouse to surface insights that help them better understand and engage with fans and make data-driven decisions. For more information, visit

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Founded in 2016, StellarAlgo is the leading customer cloud platform for the sports and entertainment industry, serving live audience organizations in North America and Europe, including enthusiast brands, sports teams, sponsors, and live events properties. With the most modern Data Warehouse offering on the market underpinning its flagship Customer Data Platform (CDP), industry professionals use StellarAlgo’s customer cloud platform to connect and engage with fans on a personalized level never before seen in the industry.

Backed by proprietary machine learning technology trained on over 40-billion interaction data points across more than 100-million unique records, StellarAlgo’s customer cloud platform enables industry professionals to predict and understand how fans engage with their favorite properties while implementing a fan-centric approach that maximizes the lifetime value of their fan universe – it’s the reason more than 85 major and minor league sports franchises, entertainment, and live audience organizations put the StellarAlgo platform at the core of their operations. StellarAlgo is headquartered in Calgary, Canada. For more information, please visit

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