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Apr 04, 2019


Triple-A team engages data analytics company to find new opportunities for fan engagement

Fresno, CA – StellarAlgo and the Fresno Grizzlies, Triple-A Affiliate of the Washington Nationals of the Pacific Coast League are proud to announce a new partnership. The Grizzlies are using StellarAlgo’s Customer Data Platform to further their understanding of their fans, and continue to offer one of the best game-day experiences in all of sports.

“We are excited to use StellarAlgo’s technology to dig deeper into our data,” said Andrew Milios, VP, Ticket Sales of the Fresno Grizzlies. “We’re committed to prioritizing our fans, their interests and how we can personalize our outreach to  continue building the already amazing fan base that visits Chukchansi Park year-in and year-out.”

The Fresno Grizzlies are an industry leader in Minor League Baseball, and a data-driven organization. The team understands the potential of their customer data, and are looking for new ways to unlock insights from it. StellarAlgo’s Customer Data Platform allows teams like the Grizzlies to effectively segment their fans, while predicting which fans are best suited for specific products, events and promotions. StellarAlgo’s predictive and automated customer propensity scoring and prioritization, are rooted in robust machine-learning technology and will help the Grizzlies to win back more of their single-game buyers, as well as increase season ticket holder retention. Individual game buyer churn is seen as one of the biggest opportunities in sports with average churn rates approaching 85% for this buyer type.

“The Fresno Grizzlies are already a data-driven, highly thought of organization, in Minor League Baseball,” said Vince Ircandia, Founder and CEO of StellarAlgo. “The leadership group has a great connection with their fans and see the value of using data to help them continue to engage and activate their fan base. This organization has a big vision and is constantly looking to improve their capabilities, we knew they were a great fit for us right away and are excited to start getting results in partnership.”

StellarAlgo’s customer data platform uses machine-learning technology to enable live audience organizations to gain valuable insights and thorough understanding of their fan universe. The platform’s predictive capabilities allow organizations to understand customer propensities for products and events while also unlocking the why behind conversion. StellarAlgo works with major and minor league sports franchises along with live annual events, concerts, museums and more.

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