OKC Dodgers gain single customer view through partnership with StellarAlgo

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Jan 30, 2020


Triple-A Baseball’s Oklahoma City Dodgers partner with StellarAlgo to continue growing fanbase

Oklahoma City, OK – StellarAlgo and the Oklahoma City Dodgers, Triple-A affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers, are proud to announce a new partnership. The Oklahoma City Dodgers are using StellarAlgo’s Customer Data Platform to better identify opportunities to nurture and connect with their fans.

“We pride ourselves on being forward-thinking leaders in both minor league baseball and the sports industry as a whole, which is why we’re excited about working with StellarAlgo to support the collective efforts of our sales and marketing teams,” said Kyle Logan, Director of Business Intelligence for the Oklahoma City Dodgers. “Our goal is to expose more people every season to the incredible experience at an OKC Dodgers game and we believe that StellarAlgo’s customer data platform is going to help us continue to do that in a more efficient way. Their Customer Data Platform will help our team accelerate our understanding of our fans and how to best reach them through automated insights and we’re looking forward to building a great partnership with them.”

With the average individual game buyer churn rate in Minor League Baseball at 85%, organizations are recognizing the importance of nurturing those individuals and the immense opportunity it presents. Creating a single customer view, which ties together important fan data points in order to better understand customers, is providing forward-thinking teams like the OKC Dodgers the opportunity to internally align on how best to nurture and connect with their fans. StellarAlgo’s Customer Data Platform provides valuable predictive insights to organizations and exposes opportunities that should be actioned on immediately. Organizations using the CDP are able to maximize customer lifetime value by enabling a higher level of personalization that fans are demanding, coupled with the ability to analyze the performance of those efforts. 

“The Oklahoma City Dodgers are an innovative team and one of the most sophisticated in minor league baseball. We’re thrilled to be working with their entire organization to uncover valuable fan insights that will allow them to further accelerate their capabilities,” said Megan Kurcwal, StellarAlgo’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “By creating a single customer view within our platform, the Dodgers will have a greater understanding of their fans and how best to nurture them over time. We are excited about building a strong relationship with them and further supporting the organization’s efforts to increase fan engagement and operational efficiencies.” 

StellarAlgo’s customer data platform uses machine-learning technology to enable live audience organizations to gain valuable insights and thorough understanding of their fan universe. The platform’s predictive capabilities allow organizations to understand customer propensities for products and events while also unlocking the why behind conversion. StellarAlgo works with major and minor league sports franchises along with live annual events, concerts, museums and more.

For more information, please visit www.stellaralgo.com

About the OKC Dodgers

The Oklahoma City Dodgers franchise has been a member of the Triple-A Pacific Coast League since 1998. The team has won 10 division titles in 22 seasons. In 2018, the team was named the Triple-A winner of the Bob Freitas Award presented by Baseball America for excellence in minor league operations. Their home stadium, Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, has been recognized as being one of the best facilities in Minor League Baseball by several national publications, including Baseball America and the USA Today Travel Media Group.

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