StellarAlgo works with The IRONMAN Group to gain insights on Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series participants

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Aug 31, 2020



StellarAlgo has been tabbed to work with The IRONMAN Group, providing access to StellarAlgo’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) in an effort to increase the understanding of endurance athletes, particularly as it relates to participation and growth of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series® brand globally.

Organizations like The IRONMAN Group, which operates a global portfolio of endurance events in over 50 countries around the world, find themselves with a unique need to understand their athletes on a global scale and how geography, behaviors, interests, and other factors play into which races athletes are most inclined to compete. Although the pandemic has had a significant impact on live events, Andrew Messick, President & CEO for The IRONMAN Group recently stated in an article with Sport Business The IRONMAN Group is looking at this as an opportunity, and “we’re looking at our portfolio of events and how we market that to our athletes and how we marry supply and demand on a global basis.”

Now more than ever, organizations require an understanding of their customer journeys which can only be revealed when a single view of their customers is readily available, something that StellarAlgo provides to over 50 live audience businesses. Additionally, predictive analytics capabilities unlock trends unique to each organization and its consumer base – empowering a better understanding of customers and allowing for more granular segmentation and personalized and relatable messaging.

“The IRONMAN Group is a valued brand, known globally for its great endurance events. We’re excited to support their goals of creating more personalized experiences for endurance athletes and growing participation in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series,” Sean Fynn, StellarAlgo’s Chief Technology Officer. “The unique characteristics of endurance athletes combined with the nature of international events makes this relationship particularly interesting in furthering the understanding of those customer journeys.”

StellarAlgo’s customer data platform enables live audience organizations to gain valuable insights and understanding of their fan universe. The platform’s predictive capabilities allow organizations to understand customer propensities for products and events while also unlocking the why behind participation. StellarAlgo works with sports franchises, live annual events, concerts, museums and more.


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