StellarAlgo partners with Xerris to optimize industry-leading machine learning retention model

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Oct 04, 2021


NHL’s Florida Panthers first to adopt most sophisticated retention scoring in the industry

Calgary, AB – StellarAlgo, the leading data solutions provider for the sport and live entertainment industry, has partnered with Xerris to scale and optimize StellarAlgo’s proprietary machine learning-driven retention scoring model. StellarAlgo’s enhanced retention scoring is the most advanced predictive model in the industry, providing brands with highly customized insights that enable them to monitor fan behavior across multiple channels, and to measure and test customer engagement, avidity and propensity within specific markets.

The significant investment and deep experience StellarAlgo’s data science team puts into investigating and mapping changing fan behavior and engagement across the sports and live events industry on an ongoing basis ensures StellarAlgo’s industry cloud platform continually delivers the most relevant and reliable insights available. To provide teams with increased precision regarding how likely existing package members are to renew for the following season, the company collaborated with Xerris to scale StellarAlgo’s retention model across teams and leagues. For brands using StellarAlgo’s state-of-the-art platform to deliver insights driven by customer behavior, the enhanced retention model is now even more customized to their specific properties and markets.

Another Calgary-based best-in-class technology provider, Xerris is an AWS Advanced Partner that specializes in providing custom cloud technology, microservices, application development, and data and AI expertise. With their intensely customer-centric focus and proven track record – holding dozens of AWS certifications, including an Amazon SageMaker black belt – the Xerris team was the ideal choice to complement StellarAlgo’s internal talent. Bringing their deep knowledge and proficiency in applying agile and scalable software design practices to machine learning processes, the Xerris team helped set the foundation for StellarAlgo’s data science experts to increase efficiency by training hundreds to thousands of machine learning models concurrently.

Far more sophisticated than general industry models, StellarAlgo’s proprietary machine learning models are trained on over 40-billion sports-specific data points across more than 100-million unique fan records, continually monitoring, assessing and adapting to changing fan behavior to provide highly accurate predictive scoring. An exclusive feature of its industry cloud platform and flagship Customer Data Platform (CDP), StellarAlgo’s retention scores are updated daily to provide insights that are the most relevant and reliable in the sports and entertainment industry, enabling brands to identify most likely opportunities for renewal or upsells at any point in the season and measure the effectiveness of their service efforts in near-real time. StellarAlgo’s retention model provides essential insights into fan behavior and customer propensity by scoring each customer to identify the best fit by product; flagging package members who may be at risk of not renewing; identifying the best candidates for upsell opportunities; and more.

“For more than five years, StellarAlgo has provided industry-leading insights to major league properties across North America. Now, with support from Xerris to help us scale our retention scoring model, our industry partners will have access to an unparalleled level of insight into how their fans behavior translates into renewals, conversions, new and upsell opportunities, and more,” said Sean Fynn, Chief Technology Officer at StellarAlgo. “It’s been gratifying to collaborate on this initiative with the talented team at Xerris – their leadership in AWS, and their understanding of the software development life cycle and data science practice, was a natural fit.”

“We’re proud to be a technology partner of such an innovative and leading-edge organization as StellarAlgo,” said Mathew Duffy, Senior Director of Data & Analytics at Xerris. “It’s very rewarding to have the opportunity to help enhance the advanced product and data science expertise present at StellarAlgo – with our scalable DevOps, machine learning, and development practices on AWS – and to have such a significant impact on StellarAlgo and its industry partners.”

The NHL’s Florida Panthers will be the first of StellarAlgo’s major league partners to implement the enhanced retention scoring model. As part of their ongoing digital transformation, the Panthers organization is committed to personalizing their fan engagements through customized offerings to provide an exceptional customer experience at every stage of the fan journey. Panthers Insights, the club’s business intelligence team, is leveraging the enhanced retention scoring model to gain further insights into the significance various data attributes have on their specific market. In the coming months, the enhanced retention model will roll out to all StellarAlgo partners who currently have retention scoring included in their Customer Data Platform tier.

About StellarAlgo

Founded in 2016, StellarAlgo is the leading data solutions provider for the sport and live entertainment industry, helping live audience organizations understand and activate the world’s most passionate audiences. With the most modern data warehouse offering on the market underpinning its flagship Customer Data Platform (CDP), industry professionals use StellarAlgo’s products to connect and engage with fans on a personalized level never before seen in the industry. 

Backed by proprietary machine learning technology trained on over 40-billion sports-specific interaction data points across more than 100-million unique fan records, StellarAlgo’s industry cloud platform helps industry professionals predict and understand how fans engage with their favorite brands and implement a fan-centric approach that maximizes the lifetime value of their fan universe – it’s the reason more than 85 major and minor league sports franchises, entertainment, and live audience organizations put the StellarAlgo platform at the core of their operations. StellarAlgo is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with offices in Toronto, ON and Philadelphia, PA. For more information, please visit 

About Xerris

Xerris is a Calgary-based, remote cloud technology services company. Founded as a software development firm to address a gap that the Founders saw in the local market, the organization has now scaled and grown to provide Application Modernization, DevOps, Kubernetes, Cloud Strategy, Migration, and Data & Analytics services to clients across North America. With partnerships across AWS, GCP, Microsoft, Hashicorp, Snowflake and more, Xerris meets clients where they are in their digital journey, and focus on trust, outcomes, and value while crafting solutions to address complex business challenges.

With over 40 clients and 100 staff, Xerris is quickly becoming a known entity in the Canadian services industry with clients in the Agriculture, Financial Services, Airline, Trucking, Oil & Gas, Mining, Healthcare, and Retail sectors. For more information, client case studies, and thought leadership, please visit


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