Data Management

Get all of your data on the same team

Bring multiple disconnected data sources together in the StellarAlgo Data Lakehouse, a fully managed, hosted, and monitored cloud environment.

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Answer critical questions for your business

We combine the best elements of a data lake and data warehouse to give data teams of all sizes ​​the most reliable and accurate access to data in the industry. Easy, reliable code access gives you a single view of your fans, operational data, and everything in between. All in a highly flexible, extensible environment that’s seamlessly integrated with our customer data platform and your preferred destinations.

Save time on data preparation

Leverage pre-built integrations

Accelerate development, reduce risk, and increase speed to value with a suite of pre-built integrations and productized pipelines.

Automate reporting

Easily generate and share reports across departments to answer questions and support sales and marketing strategies.

Improve development efficiency

Eliminate manual data consolidation, deduplication, cleansing, and preparation to increase speed to value on internal development projects.

Houston Dynamo achieves $90,000 in time savings

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Turn raw data into real insights

All of your data (structured, semi-structured, and unstructured) can land and stay in the StellarAlgo environment to form a single customer view. Leverage the modern tools you need for BI and SQL analytics, data science, machine learning, and applications development to extract insights and respond to business outcomes.

See the data visualizations that matter to you

View operational data in real-time and intraday
Analyze the financial health of the business
Make sense of campaign outcomes
Accurately attribute value for conversions

Create a reliable environment for your business

Organize data assets and scale data query performance to meet business use cases across departments. StellarAlgo easily handles your data and data history volume at scale in real-time and intraday. And forget about staleness or latency – your BI tools can directly access the source data, ensuring you deliver accurate, reliable data every time.


Portland Trail Blazers achieve 13.5x ROI

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Your security is our priority

Provide secure access to data across your organization. At StellarAlgo, privacy and compliance is a differentiator. We are built with a privacy-first mindset and compliant with standards in the world’s most stringent jurisdictions. All data is encrypted and protected at rest and in transit.

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