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Understand, action, and monetize fan relationships with user-friendly tools purpose-built for performance marketers.

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Fast-track data into revenue

Unify fan data from multiple sources. Then use our machine learning-powered segmentation tools to easily identify and activate the fans most likely to drive value for your business.

Get to know your audience on a whole new level

Get a single customer view of fans formed by multiple consolidated data sources. See a bird’s eye view of which channels are gaining traction, and drill down into specific customer segments to see exactly what’s happening on the ground.

Who are your most loyal and reliable fans?
What campaigns or experiences are fans engaging with?
Where are fans interacting with your brand most?
When are fans most engaged?

Why are they engaging?

Prioritize the right fans to activate

New fans

Ready for upsell or cross-sell

At-risk of churn

Easily segment your fan universe by dozens of attributes to proactively identify who’s ready to advance in their journey. Or, leverage machine learning to match fans to your desired outcome. Then push segments directly into your marketing channels to dynamically activate the right fans with the right message at the right time.

LA Galaxy achieves 3x average lead conversion

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Turn data insights into business value

Integrate with ease

We build out integrations you need, exactly how you need them. No code required.

Reach fans fast

Push and pull data into your favourite third-party marketing tools to accelerate campaign execution.

Share insights

Quantify audience overlap with corporate partners to strengthen your partner strategy.

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Demonstrate the true impact of campaigns on the bottom line

Stop combing through piecemeal views from third-party tools. Automatically track and report on true fan-centric ROI attribution metrics within the StellarAlgo Platform. Detailed, yet easy-to-understand reports show you where you’re generating revenue and where you need to optimize for better results.


W & S Open attracts 27% more new buyers

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Marketing is a game of inches.
We’re gaining together.

Go-to source for fan intelligence

StellarAlgo is our go-to source for fan intelligence. We have integrated multiple data sets into the platform to create a superset of fan data that allows us to identify key insights and opportunities to engage our fan base, personalize our communications and activate our marketing and sales strategies to great effect.

Sacramento Republic FC logo
Justin Dubois
Director of Ticket Operations & Strategy
Sacramento Republic

More season renewals

This has been one of our best sales years. StellarAlgo’s customer data platform has helped us achieve noticeable gains with full season renewals by allowing us to easily understand and use our data. With StellarAlgo’s help, we’ve focused on building out processes that ensure our package buyers receive the right kinds of touch points at the right time.

K.L. Wombacher
President & General Manager
Hillsboro Hops

More targeted marketing

We were able to see how each session was selling on a daily basis while identifying the best fan segments for our message. The reporting available in the StellarAlgo Platform facilitates identifying which types of messages and channels are most effective for each segment of our fanbase. This informed our marketing strategy prior to and during the tournament to be able to create those great experiences that people have come to expect.

W&S Open Cincinnati
Danielle Childers
Marketing & Special Projects Manager
W & S Open

Questions answered

StellarAlgo has accelerated our ability to identify and capture opportunities as they occur. Getting data-driven answers to our questions used to be laborious and time-consuming, but StellarAlgo’s platform provides us with user-friendly ways to answer questions instantly. The platform synthesizes data into easily interpreted visualizations, delivers sales and marketing insights, and makes it easy for us to act on those insights.

Lisa Rollins
Analytics & Research
LA Galaxy

Elevated engagement

StellarAlgo’s customer data capabilities have brought our marketing efforts to a new level. Understanding our customers across a variety of touchpoints, and being able to action on specific fan behaviors, has elevated engagement across the board. With StellarAlgo, our efforts continue to become more sophisticated as we focus on reaching our customers with the right message at the right time.

Kevin Kinghorn
VP Marketing
Vancouver Canucks

Fan engagement is a powerful revenue engine.
Time to kick it into high gear.

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