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Transforming sponsorships into performance-driven partnerships

Harness the power of first-party customer data to create hyper-targeted activations that resonate with fans and drive attributable results.

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The game has changed

It’s been building for years but now it’s clear – partnership expectations have changed.

Investment return

Partnership impact on business performance is being more heavily scrutinized than ever before.

Improved targeting

Brand partners don’t want to buy the whole menu – they want to target the fans they value most.

Fan data value

Brand partners know property’s databases are full of customers to reward and potential customers to convert.

More activation

Brand partners are prioritizing engagements over impressions and want to build better customer relationships.

The StellarAlgo difference

Other tools use surveys and sample sizes but don’t offer a pathway to target the fans their insights tease. Our tools use first-party customer data, so you can identify, target, and report – for real.

The other guys

Approximately 29% of your fans say they drive a Toyota vehicle.


Here are 315,200 fans who are Toyota customers.


Our Solution


Understand the overlap between a property’s fans and partner’s customers

Enabled by data clean room technology, our privacy-by-design data collaboration tool allows partners and properties to compare customer lists without sharing any customer-identifiable information.

Improve activation performance by delivering offers and experiences that are customized based on each fan’s engagement level with the partner.


  1. Open a Partnership Workspace
  2. Upload Customer Lists to Encryption Space
  3. Review Customer Match Results
  4. Analyze Fan Segments
  5. Activate
  6. Track and Optimize

How StellarAlgo Partnership Solutions create value

  • Access to StellarAlgo’s proprietary modelling, built on more than 5-billion sports fan data points, ensuring your customer match is as accurate as possible
  • Native push integrations to industry-specific tools for simplicity and security
  • Detailed reporting to track activation performance down to the customer level
  • Additional downstream data enrichment and segmentation functionality so you can further refine your audience
  • Scalability enables you to build and archive numerous collaborations with multiple partners, as needed

A few names on our roster

Your trusted customer data experts

StellarAlgo is proud to work with the sports and entertainment industry across its portfolio of products.

Trusted by over 110+ brand partners, teams, and leagues

Manage 200M customer records and 5.2B data points

Data Security & Marketing Compliance Experts (ISO, GDPR, CCPA, CASL, CPPA)

As featured in:

Customer Wins

Toyota x Vancouver Canucks: Delivering actionable results for brands


Lead value generated


Activation engagement

Toyota was looking to get smarter about their activation investments and innovate beyond traditional options. In partnership with StellarAlgo, Toyota clarified customer overlap and created an activation catered to the behaviors, preferences, and interests of a high-value fan segment.

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