Indianapolis Indians
Case Study
Indianapolis Indians

The Goal

The Indianapolis Indians wanted to further support their efforts and those of their marketing agencies with more personalized segmentation to increase marketing conversion.

What We Did

  • Predictive and robust list building capabilities gave the marketing team self-serve abilities​
  • The automated feedback looped allowed them to see the performance of lists and true ROI​
  • Enhanced machine learning capabilities allowed the Indians to identify fans most likely to be interested in specific games, promotions, and products​
  • Provided log-in credentials to the Indians’ Marketing Agencies to enhance digital advertising efforts​

How We Did It

  • Leveraged the StellarAlgo KPI toolkit: Sales by Product, Sales by Date, Sales by Event​
  • Leveraged the StellarAlgo segmentation toolkit: Sales by Geographical Region, Customer Migration by Season, Cohort Builder & Analyzer​
  • Leveraged the StellarAlgo machine learning toolkit: Lead Recommender



conversion rate on paid digital ads


open rate on pre-game emails


increased conversion of email marketing efforts


What The Customer Said

Indianapolis Indians

“StellarAlgo’s Customer Data Platform has helped create some major efficiencies and how we work with our agencies. Both our team and our agencies can create targeted lists of fans based on ticketing data and other attributes – something we couldn’t easily do before. Now it’s a 5min exercise that we can do ourselves. Also, the ability to track what’s working and the ticket sales volume and revenue that our efforts are generating has helped our team tell a better story of marketing’s impact internally.”

Kim Stoebick

Director of Marketing & Promotions​