Vancouver Canucks
Case Study

Vancouver Canucks

The Goal

The Vancouver Canucks wanted to align their fragmented databases in order to obtain a holistic view of their fans and be able to swiftly action on their fan data.

What We Did

  • Defined a data consolidation strategy
  • Pulled together data over nine source systems and coalesced the records into a cohesive master customer record
  • Created the foundation for the next generation of data strategy
  • Enhanced by a predictive toolset, the CDP also generated automated insights to help the Canucks take action more quickly on incoming fan feedback

How We Did It

  • Leveraged the StellarAlgo KPI toolkit: Sales by Product, Sales by Date
  • Leveraged the StellarAlgo segmentation toolkit: Sales by Geographical Region, Customer Migration by Season, Attendance Patterns, Cohort Builder & Analyzer
  • Leveraged the StellarAlgo machine learning toolkit: Lead Recommender and Fan Clustering
  • Leveraged the StellarAlgo lead universe dashboard to track channel affinity and key demographic growth


Accessible Single Customer View

A holistic view of the customer that extends beyond ticketing behavior

Single Source of Truth

That the Canucks organization can confidently leverage to align efforts towards meaningful fan engagement

Robust Data Asset

Including highly valuable CDP elements like cohort analysis and predictive analytics



marketable universe expansion

Next Generation
Data Strategy