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Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platform


Unlock the full potential of your fan data with the leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) for the sports and live audience industry.

A CDP is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product that collects and consolidates your first- and second-party online and offline data sources into the a single customer view (SCV), enabling your team to quickly and easily understand and act on fan insights.

A CDP is your user-friendly later enabling you to intuitively access, search, and use your analytic data without having to dig through multiple systems or slog through information-dense databases.

Save time and money by making your fan data accessible and actionable to every area of your business that needs it. For more, check out our free white paper Harnessing the true power of your fan data: How a Customer Data Platform saves you time and money, streamlines and automates your customer engagement processes, and helps you achieve tangible results.



Data Warehouse

StellarAlgo’s next-generation Data Warehouse offers the data transparency, flexibility, and extensibility you want with no vendor lock-in, all backed by our industry-leading record of reliability, security, responsiveness, and customer-centric focus. 

  • Fully managed service 
  • Eliminate your siloed data 
  • Generate business insights 
  • Analyze results and test scenarios
  • Share your data securely

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