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Emerging Leagues

Unify and leverage customer data found across different systems in a way that fits emerging league priorities and resources

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Minor League organizations have a tremendous amount of data found in their ticketing, email, CRM, and e-commerce systems but it’s hard and time consuming to extract, combine, and execute on this data. We believe that a single customer view shouldn’t be a luxury afforded only to teams with technical resources who can code. With StellarAlgo, your entire organization can gain valuable insights to help them better engage with fans. Not only do minor league teams save significant time but they see material revenue results as well.

Having data and one-time market research reports are not enough if you don’t know what to do with the information you have. StellarAlgo’s CDP is focused on helping emerging league teams take action on their data in order to deliver real, measurable results.

Automated reporting at your fingertips

  • Imagine if you didn’t have to run new reports each week to see how you were pacing compared to previous season but could simply log-in and see the most updated results
  • Compare sales by event, by product, and by date to previous years and see the most important ticketing metrics without having to dig into your ticketing system
  • Automated reports eliminate time-consuming exports from ticketing and marketing systems and provide immediate insights for marketing and sales & service teams

Winning back individual game buyers

  • Enhanced understanding of customer segments and lifecycles allows for more relevant and timely interactions with fans
  • Reduce cost of acquisition by bringing back fans who have already been hand raisers
  • Nurture new fans down the path to be package members
  • Be notified after every game or homestand of brand new fans so you can actively engage with them along with other insights delivered daily or weekly
  • Know where your fans are coming from and which zip codes are performing best for different products to actively

Retaining and growing package accounts

  • Automated prospect and retention scoring to maximize conversion, retention and customer lifetime value
  • Say goodbye to outdated or stale lead lists. Our lead scores allow sales leaders to prioritize the hottest leads for their sales reps every day
  • From day one of the season, stay updated on which package members might be at-risk with automated retention scoring and notifications. By working to re-engage members at the first sign of trouble, you’ll be more likely to renew them when the time comes
  • During renewal campaigns, let us flag the members who are a great upsell opportunity

Understand and measure revenue gained from sales and marketing efforts

  • The hardest thing as a marketer is showing ROI beyond simple impressions and clicks. Our Cohort Analyzer measures revenue conversion from every list you build, no matter how you activate it
  • Build targeted lists in the blink of an eye using attributes from multiple different systems. Want to run a re-engagement campaign to fans who live within 10 miles of your venue, like to purchase tickets last minute and have bought last season but haven’t bought yet this season? Do it all in our platform in 2 minutes or less.
  • Let us give you the insight into what’s most predictive of conversion so you can continuously build smarter lists and more personalized campaigns

Customer Success and Support

  • Unlike other tools, we believe in a partnership approach because adoption is critical
  • Leverage the bench strength of a full analytics team without the high costs and risks associated with building one out internally
  • Our team of Customer Success experts are with you every step of the way so you always feel like you have someone to turn to with questions or advice
  • Along with check-in calls, our team shares resources and best practices to help you achieve your objectives, and ensures that your data health is always taken care of.

incremental revenue opportunity

time savings and accelerated overall decision making

“It’s no secret that minor league teams run on lean staff sizes. Adding StellarAlgo to our team has created significant bench-strength and improved how efficient we can be. Their expertise and hands-on approach has allowed us to see value from our data quickly and provide suggestions on how to put those insights into action… all within a year that we underwent a major ticketing system transition.”

Mike Birling

Vice President, Durham Bulls