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In the major leagues, 75-85% of single-game buyers don’t come back every single year

Major league teams have been investing in tools to better understand fans for the past 10+ years. From data warehouses to sophisticated marketing systems, to loyalty programs. Now, the next generation of forward thinking professionals are investing in the single most important tool to activating on customer data and insights – a customer data platform.

We know that insights are only as good as the data that comes in which is why we cleanse and reconcile data before it enters the platform including using logic to identify duplicate accounts along with governance and business rules to ensure compliance. As a result, users fully trust the data and insights they see in their platform and analytics teams feel confident letting sales and service teams become more self-serve.

A single customer view for your entire organization

  • Analytics teams have seen their responsibilities soar in the past few years. From supporting ticketing teams to now running analyses on everything from HR to premium to marketing to operations, analysts and their leaders are pulled in every direction. While expanding analytics’ influence across the organization has been positive, data-driven decisions are not always so easy to establish on a self-serve basis. Analytics teams can’t be everywhere at once and not everyone understands how to code in order to pull data out of a data warehouse. That’s where a CDP becomes the secret weapon for analytics teams. Armed with cleansed, reliable data, a CDP is the perfect solution for helping other departments use data effectively, without the manual work. Analysts, it’s time to get out of the list building business and use your expertise on the strategic analyses you’ve always wanted.
  • Marketers struggle with measuring concrete attribution like revenue generated through campaigns. Impressions, reach, and clicks don’t tell the full story to the impact marketing efforts have on sales. With no-code access to building audience lists using all touch point data your organization has on a fan and then pushing those lists directly to digital ad platforms or email, marketers have the freedom to test and build customer attributes while personalizing content. From there, the Cohort Analyzer automatically tracks the performance of the list, no matter the channel. The result is more sophisticated and personalized campaigns with a deep understanding of revenue attribution for each campaign. Talk about smart marketing.
  • Sales leaders are looking to be more efficient with how they distribute leads to their reps, often wanting to understand why someone is registered as a high quality lead at this moment. With the transparency of seeing the reason why high propensity leads are recommended for specific products and the timely scores that update daily, leads that are pushed into CRM convert better and with less effort than before.
  • Service teams who are inundated with accounts that need to be nurtured, especially as renewal campaigns approach. With automated retention scoring, service teams are notified as soon as an account’s engagement drops below the at-risk threshold at any given point in the season. This feature allows service reps to focus their energy on the accounts that need it the most, when they need it the most to improve retention rates when it does come time for renewals.

Scaling up personalization efforts with predictive insights

  • Centralize your segmentation efforts and create lists using all the customer data attributes your organization collects. From ticketing and digital platforms to email and web pixels, build campaigns around a holistic view of your fans.
  • Activate your campaigns instantly with push integrations to all major email marketing systems and social ad platform. Take it a step further and control how lists flow to these systems with control group functions that allow you to add fans to campaigns when they meet segment criteria, suppress them on purchase, all while customizing the frequency that those lists are pushed into different campaign channels
  • Understand what’s working and how lists are performing so you can optimize on the fly with our Cohort Analyzer. The Analyzer tracks true attribution on lists, allowing marketing teams to show revenue generations metrics that match ticketing and merchandise reports.

Drive Revenue with advanced machine-learning

  • Customer journeys are more than simple email flows. Understanding true customer journeys requires machine-learning to determine the most likely paths to conversion. With StellarAlgo’s Customer Lifecycle Toolkit, you harness the power to understand where a fan is in the customer funnel and the most likely touch points to lead to conversion.
  • Combining transactional data with behavioural and sentiment data gives organizations the insights needed to understand their fans. However, not all fans in all markets behave the same way or engage with their favorite team in the same way. Predictive models that tune to your specific fans and learn from their specific behavior gives you an advantage over any other model. StellarAlgo predictive models don’t treat your fans the same way because they’re not all the same.

Fitting into your tech stack

We know you already have numerous systems and works flows in your tech stack which is why we work to align and complement them. Data warehouse or no data warehouse – it doesn’t matter. Whether you have a fully built out DW and are looking to enrich and better activate your data or you need a more modern data infrastructure that can support code and no-code access to engineered features, we likely have a solution for you. We’re flexible enough that your customer data platform won’t overlap with the work flows and projects your analytics team is already doing. Pick and choose the features that will accelerate and complement your organization’s current capabilities.

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over what would have been done with an equal price increase and no scaling changes

“StellarAlgo’s customer data capabilities have brought our marketing efforts to a new level. Understanding our customers across a variety of touchpoints and being able to action on specific fan behaviors has elevated engagement across the board. With StellarAlgo our efforts continue to become more sophisticated as we focus on reaching our customer with the right message at the right time.”


VP Marketing, Vancouver Canucks