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StellarAlgo’s next-generation data warehouse offers the data transparency and flexibility you want, backed by our industry-leading record of reliability, security, responsiveness, and customer-centric focus. At StellarAlgo, our expert team of data engineers specialize in data infrastructure for the sports and live audience industry, with the skills needed to provide point-to-point integrations with all your disparate data sources while ensuring rapid response times.

What makes StellarAlgo’s Data Warehouse unique?


StellarAlgo’s data warehouse is fully managed, handling the data hosting, monitoring, compliance, and security for you.

  • No need to build expensive and complex infrastructure, or hire specialized in-house data engineering and security personnel
  • Utilize your valuable time and expertise to focus on your customers, not on setting up and wrangling data
  • Our performant and scalable architecture easily handles your data and data history volume at scale in real-time and intraday


Bring your siloed datasets into a single centralized repository, eliminating time consumed by manual data consolidation, deduplication, cleansing, and preparation.

  • Leveraging proprietary integrations with the most used sports and live audience source systems, StellarAlgo’s data warehouse provides a level of data accuracy and reliability previously unseen in the industry
  • StellarAlgo’s integrations framework provides enhanced automation and monitoring, evaluating incoming data to identify errors and correct record inconsistencies on an ongoing basis with a high degree of accuracy


Facilitate quick and easy access to your organization’s data to produce reports and visualizations, and to generate the insights your business leaders need to deliver their strategies and respond to events.

  • StellarAlgo’s data warehouse is more than a platform – it’s a solution for managing all your live audience data
  • Unsurpassed data transparency gives you whole organization visibility into failed data loads, with the fastest recovery time in the industry
  • Seamless integration with StellarAlgo’s industry-leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) makes your data actionable for all areas of the business and ensures consistent accuracy and reliability of data-driven insights


Use your centralized data to access, model, and create solutions to help your business analyze scenarios and test possible business outcomes.

  • The extensibility of our data warehouse is unique to StellarAlgo, offering unprecedented data flexibility
  • Access a mirrored copy of your complete dataset in a quality assurance (QA) environment to test approaches and applications; apply custom processes by bringing in your existing data models – or create new ones – and more, while safeguarding the integrity of your data asset


Provide secure access to your data across your organization, share with your partners, or make use of data push integrations to utilize your data with third-party providers.

  • Your data is encrypted, ensuring full protection both at rest and in-transit
  • StellarAlgo’s complete suite of products is compliant with a variety of industry standards:
    • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
    • CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act)
    • CASL (Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation)
    • CPPA (Consumer Privacy Protection Act)

Are you ready to harness the next generation of data warehousing to support your data-driven goals?

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