Stellar Play: Multi-Property Fan Nurturing

Who This Play is For:    Marketing

When you partner with StellarAlgo, you gain access to a growing library of custom Plays, backed by our own industry research and data asset made up of more than 200M fans, to help you activate target segments of your fan universe.

Here you will find a small sample of our Multi-Property Fan Nurturing Play, designed to give you a small taste of the targeted guidance and step-by-step approach outlined in a typical Stellar Play.

To unlock the complete Play — including proprietary industry trends, Platform-specific directions, individualized support from a dedicated Account Manager, and much more — contact us to learn more about becoming a StellarAlgo partner.

Play Overview

When you harness the power of the StellarAlgo Platform to unlock and unify fan data from across your multi-property organization, you gain access to insights you never had before.

Our research shows 70% of fans are known across multiple properties but only 6% have engaged with more than one property. This substantial gap presents a significant opportunity to cultivate fandom that can only be fully leveraged once a unified and reliable single customer view is compiled from across all properties. The Multi-Property Fan Nurturing Play focuses on nurturing fans further up the fan engagement funnel.

Thanks to the Multi-Property capability of the StellarAlgo Platform, you now have visibility into fans who have not purchased or interacted with your other properties. This Play is a guide that highlights the steps you need to take to capitalize on this exciting new opportunity.

By using StellarAlgo’s Segment Builder and Segment Analyzer, you can understand fan interactions across all your properties and identify specific fan segments to target. This Play is key to nurturing your fans from one property who have yet to interact with another property.

By running this Play, you will increase your fan avidity and engagement, and ultimately cultivate fandom across all your properties. Fans who are more engaged typically spend more and more often, making nurturing efforts a worthwhile activity from a revenue perspective.

What you need

Data and Integrations
  • Ticketing data
  • Email pull and push, and/or
  • Social media pull and push

For added value, include:

  • Fan demographic data enhancement
    (Paid demographic data appends)
StellarAlgo Tools
  • Segment Builder
  • Segment Analyzer

When to run this Play

The Multi-Property Fan Nurturing Play can be executed at any point in the season or off season. Fans can be easier to engage with a property that is in season, however, running off-season nurturing campaigns can also be effective since there typically tends to be less overall marketing communications during this time, making it easier to grab the attention of fans.

Scope and effort required

This Play is complimentary to your ongoing efforts. It’s a new strategy that requires additional resources and time to execute. Multi-property fan nurturing efforts are intended to be run as a month- to season-long effort.

Strategy Sequence

1. Opportunity Identification

Fans exist in a team’s fan universe after they have interacted with that property (e.g., engage or purchase). For fans who have only engaged with a single property, this presents an opportunity to drive engagement across all properties.

2. Baseline

Capture a baseline to compare to season-after-season. This will also help you to answer the question “How did we do?” after running the Play.

3. Plan

The planning phase is where your expertise comes into play. Here you will plan your multi-property fan nurturing campaigns. Typically, our partners who see the most success are those who facilitate cooperation and coordination between the marketing and sales departments at multiple properties to create a cohesive, integrated strategy.

Multi-property partners have a distinct advantage because they already have a pool of fans who have a demonstrated affinity for at least one property; these are high value fans who are worth the effort to nurture and engage.

4. Execute

Build your target fan lists using the Segment Builder and save them in the Segment Analyzer. Typically, these lists will be made up of fans from one property who have yet to interact with another property.

Execute your fan cross-selling campaigns based on the plan.

Using the StellarAlgo Platform, you can push your activation lists to a wide range of tools to execute your Play.

5. Measure

Determine the percentage of fans in your current season who performed best against your campaign goals.

When you partner with StellarAlgo, campaign results are compiled in your StellarAlgo Platform so you can quickly and easily measure your success, set benchmarks, and make adjustments for future campaigns.

6. Results Capture

Identify which strategies or tactics were most effective at monetizing fans. Compare current season conversion rates with baseline rates. Identify your engaged fans for targeting in the Multi-Property Cross-Selling.

When you partner with StellarAlgo, you unlock the full power of every Stellar Play, including:
  • Proprietary industry trends
  • Detailed step-by-step guidance to execute within your StellarAlgo Platform
  • Access to industry-leading support from dedicated Account Managers
  • And much, much more
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Increase fan avidity and engagement across all your properties.

Expected Outcomes
  • Test-and-learn how best to activate fans to drive elevated engagement across properties
  • Identify fans who demonstrate engagement with and avidity toward other properties
  • Prioritize marketing spend against newly engaged fans to increase ROI
  • Warm leads by actioning fans with personalized communication/ touchpoints to increase likelihood of conversion/monetization

More fans.

Better Engagement.

Stellar Results.

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