Customer Wins

Las Vegas Aviators use data-driven insights to reach 115% revenue goal


more renewals than expected


of revenue goal


attendance in triple-A baseball

The Goal

With a new ballpark set to open, the Las Vegas Aviators wanted to understand which of their existing fanbase was likely to renew their packages as well as grow their fan universe around the new ballpark

What We Did

  • Implemented our Geomap feature and Cohort Builder to identify where fans were coming from and identify how that changed over time
  • Automated customer data insights to be easily accessible to help create an informed marketing and sales strategy
  • Implemented our Ticketing Dashboard to understand sale pacing for upcoming games
  • Executed StellarMoments notification system to identify new fans, allowing the Aviators to capitalize on nurturing them in a timely matter

How We Did It

  • Leveraged StellarAlgo KPI dashboards: Sales by Product, Date & Event
  • Leveraged StellarAlgo segmentation toolkit: Cohort Builder & Analyzer, Sales by Geographical Region, Customer Migration by Season, Attendance Patterns
  • Leveraged StellarAlgo machine learning toolkit: Lead Recommender and Fan Clustering
  • Leveraged StellarAlgo’s automated insights: StellarMoments notifications

“We basically doubled our attendance from last year. Using the dashboard on the StellarAlgo platform I was able to quickly see how various group and individual ticket sales for upcoming events were pacing. That was a daily win for me and my team.”

Erik Eisenberg

VP, Ticket Sales

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