Customer Wins

Milwaukee Admirals boost sales revenue by 5.8%


increase in sales volume


increase in sales revenue

The Goal

The Milwaukee Admirals wanted to spread their ticket sales momentum throughout the whole season and increase overall ticket sales volume.

What We Did

  • Using StellarAlgo’s predictive scoring allowed the Admirals to identify and prioritize the hottest leads to contact every day
  • Enhanced machine learning identified which fans should be targeted for specific events and products
  • Automated ticketing KPI reports help the Admirals track and understand sales pacing and year-over-year comparisons
  • Automated notifications (StellarMomentsML) allow the Admirals to execute on timely insights

How We Did It

  • Leveraged the StellarAlgo KPI toolkit: Sales by Product, Sales by Date, Sales by Event
  • Leveraged the StellarAlgo segmentation toolkit: Sales by Geographical Region, Customer Migration by Season, Cohort Builder & Analyzer
  • Leveraged the StellarAlgo machine learning toolkit: Lead Recommender, Retention Analysis

“StellarAlgo’s Customer Data Platform has been a game changer for our organization. We were keen on leveraging data to drive revenue and StellarAlgo’s Customer Data Platform has provided us with automated capabilities we never thought possible. Our sales and marketing teams have been impressed with their ability to prioritize leads and the results are exciting for us. Bottom line is we are selling more tickets and our staff is excited to have this new found access to information.”

Brian Martens

Director, Ticket Operations

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