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Portland Trail Blazers leverage automated retention scoring to drive 13.5x ROI




reduction in churn

The Goal

The Portland Trail Blazers wanted to beat the NBA’s projected renewal rate for the team (well under the team’s historic average).

What We Did

  • StellarAlgo’s automated retention scoring allowed the Blazers to identify and prioritize at risk accounts
  • Retention trends and analysis allowed the Blazers to monitor the impact of retention and service efforts of fence sitter group and reprioritize at risk account
  • Pulled together data across multiple source systems and created a cohesive master customer record
  • Automated notifications (StellarMomentsML) allowed the Blazers to act on immediate insights

How We Did It

  • Leveraged the StellarAlgo segmentation toolkit: Customer Migration by Season
  • Leveraged the StellarAlgo machine learning toolkit: Retention Analysis, Retention Trends
  • Leveraged StellarAlgo’s automated insights: StellarMoments notifications

“StellarAlgo has been a huge part of our success this past season. Their ability to effectively execute takes pressure off of our analytics team while also contributing an extra level of sophistication to everything we do. Whether it be retention, pricing, and/or new fan acquisition and nurturing, StellarAlgo is best-in-class when it comes to retaining and expanding our customer base.”

Mike Schumacher

Director, Business Analytics

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