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Vancouver Canucks leverage data-driven insights to realize 11.2x ROI




lead conversion

Aligning on Objective

The Vancouver Canucks wanted to align their fragmented databases in order to obtain a holistic view of their fans and be able to swiftly action on their fan data.

Consolidating 9+ source systems

  • Defined a data consolidation strategy
  • Pulled together data over nine source systems and coalesced the records into a cohesive master customer record
  • Created the foundation for the next generation of data strategy
  • Enhanced by a predictive toolset, the CDP also generated automated insights to help the Canucks take action more quickly on incoming fan feedback

Applying StellarAlgo tools

  • Leveraged the StellarAlgo KPI toolkit: Sales by Product, Sales by Date
  • Leveraged the StellarAlgo segmentation toolkit: Sales by Geographical Region, Customer Migration by Season, Attendance Patterns, Cohort Builder & Analyzer
  • Leveraged the StellarAlgo machine learning toolkit: Lead Recommender andFan Clustering
  • Leveraged the StellarAlgo lead universe dashboard to track channel affinity and key demographic growth

Measuring the results

  • Accessible Single Customer View
    A holistic view of the customer that extends beyond ticketing behavior
  • Single Source of Truth
    That the Canucks organization can confidently leverage to align efforts towards meaningful fan engagement
  • Robust Data Asset
    Including highly valuable CDP elements like cohort analysis and predictive analytics

More fans.

Better Engagement.

Stellar Results.

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