Customer Data Platform: Year in Review


Dec 11, 2023


In 2023, we brought more fan insights to you than ever before.

What a year! Thank you for your partnership and support throughout 2023. Whether your season is winding down or just getting started, there is so much to celebrate.

Let’s recap a few of the exciting new features, product updates, and results we achieved together in 2023.

Q1 2023

Introducing Multi-Property and Fan Universe 2.0

Enabling insights about one fan across multiple properties


The new Multi-Property functionality makes it easier to find and understand fan engagement and behavior across multiple properties. And it honors fans not as data points, but as individuals. Speak with your Account Manager to learn more.


The new and improved Fan Universe makes it easier to move from insight to action.

Insights unlocked for


Multi-Property fan records (and climbing!)

Q2 2023

Strong data foundations

Streamlining and automating workflows


Automated dynamic push capabilities make it easier to move across systems without modifying your existing workflows.


Adding the ability to sort by event date, author, and creation date made it easier to organize across campaigns. 

8% brought back

Tampa Bay Rays & new fan loyalty

Integrating the First Known Attendee dashboard directly into their campaign strategy and the power of automated dynamic segments, the Tampa Bay Rays brought 8% of their First Known Attendees to at least one additional game during the 2023 season, contributing to an overall 22% increase in First Known Attendees.


more dynamic segments created by StellarAlgo customers

(2023 vs. 2022)

Q3 2023

Feedback? Keep it coming

You asked, we answered


Get to the fan level and look around. Use the Single Customer View to build lookalike audiences right from an individual fan with the new Find Similar Fans feature.


We simplified the navigation experience across multiple areas to reduce the time from insight to action.



utilization of Machine Learning Toolkit by StellarAlgo customers

(2023 vs. 2022)

Q4 2023

Fan engagement made even easier

As the methods to reach fans in personalized and meaningful ways continue to evolve, so do we


Reach fans more efficiently with saved templates by sharing a link directly in the Segment Builder, pre-populated with your templated filters.


You’ve made it easier for fans to share with others. New filter capabilities can identify transfer recipients (Coming December 2023. Speak with your Account Manager for details).


Thanks to hard efforts behind the scenes at StellarAlgo, it will be possible to elect for hourly updates (Coming soon. Speak with your Account Manager for details).

29% won back

CSEC & data-driven strategy

Through the StellarAlgo Customer Data Platform, the Calgary Flames identified fans who purchased individual tickets in historical seasons. In 2022-23, they achieved a win back rate of 29%, 9 percentage points above our NHL partner average of 20%.



fan list activations by StellarAlgo customers

(2023 vs. 2022)

Looking forward

We are committed to regular enhancements to the product and the experience. The new library located right in the platform is updated regularly with innovative Plays, new user training, product tours, and more. This was a direct outcome from your feedback to better empower new users.

We are grateful to you and all of our customers, users, and the community for your ongoing trust and support.

The business of fan data is a team sport.

More fans.

Better Engagement.

Stellar Results.

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