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90% of your fans will never set foot in a venue. We help sports and entertainment properties, and their partners, go beyond ticket sales and maximize fan engagement and revenue across the entire fan journey.

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Build lasting relationships with the most passionate customers on earth.

Fan engagement

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The right connection at the right time can turn a first-time attendee into a lifelong fan. And the right data makes that possible. StellarAlgo unifies fan data from venues, e-commerce, social media, marketing and advertising channels, and more. We make it easy for marketing and data teams to understand their fan universe and accelerate business outcomes.

Connecting with fans doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s your new game plan.

See all your fans in one place

Unify your siloed data sources – including ticketing, merchandise, sales, marketing, CRM, fan behavioral data, and much more – in the StellarAlgo Platform to achieve an accurate and reliable single customer view of each and every fan.

Identify the right fans to engage

Easily segment fans across dozens of attributes – including by geographic location, engagement history, demographic data, and more. Use the platform’s powerful predictive segmentation to automate the identification of fans ready for upselling, at risk of churn, likely to buy merchandise, or place bets.

Run targeted engagement plays

Quickly and easily push target account lists to your CRM, email, or other marketing automation platforms to deliver campaigns that drive measurable results. StellarAlgo Plays enable you to hyper-personalize your outreach using tried and true marketing strategies, and then optimize based on what worked best.

Maximize value across all properties

See the overlap of fan data between your various properties, league relationships, and even corporate partners, to surface new opportunities that profit everyone.

StellarAlgo Platform + Custom Plays = Serious Business Value

We’re much more than a platform. We’re the coach and the playbook and your favorite teammate all rolled into one.

Let’s see what we can achieve together.

Get More from Your Data

Unify. Identify. Engage.

Powerful products to maximize the value of the fan.

For Performance Marketing Teams
Easy, powerful fan engagement toolkit

Use the world’s most powerful fan personalization toolkit to easily access your single view of the fan and streamline audience engagement.
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AI-powered predictive segmentation

Automated lead, retention, propensity, and avidity scoring helps you identify new opportunities to attract, convert, and retain fans.
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For Data Teams
Streamlined fan data infrastructure

Accelerate innovation and speed to value by combining the best elements of data lakes and data warehouses.
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Integrations and destinations

Seamlessly build and activate a dynamic and efficient data pipeline that includes over 150 productized integrations and destinations.
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For Brand Partnerships
Shared partner data

Identify fan data overlap with partners and discover new opportunities to drive revenue and validate partner value.
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Built for the big leagues, the up-and-coming, and everything in between

More fans.
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