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Make every event a record-setter

Tournaments, global live events, and stadium-filling shows. Understand your customers’ interests, preferences, and patterns to catalyze further engagement.

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A few names on our bench

W&S Open Cincinnati

Tools for success

Activate your most passionate fans

Year over year, fans travel across the world to be part of the experiences you offer. Now you can capture and understand the data behind each and every fan. We apply our deep understanding of 100+ live event, sport, and entertainment markets to your data and work with you to optimize your outreach for maximum engagement.

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Know when to engage

Send fans the right message, at the right time, via the right channel. We apply advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence to score and segment leads based on dozens of attributes. Learn how your market ticks, who’s ready to buy, and how you can help them make the purchase.

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Insights you can action

Engage. Convert. Renew. Upsell.

Backed by our industry-leading machine learning algorithms, StellarAlgo’s retention scoring model monitors and analyzes fan behavior to identify most likely candidates for conversion or upsell opportunities, and flags those with waning avidity.

Run with the playbook

Apply Stellar Plays to your sales and marketing strategy to boost engagement and scale revenue.

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Plays for the win

 Backed and informed by our own industry research, our Stellar Plays are built by data scientists and live entertainment pros. The Plays incorporate our extensive knowledge of fan behavior to help you realize measurable value from your data.

Win back your fans

Most event buyers are one-and-done customers. Identify and engage these infrequent fans with a proven campaign strategy that brings them back.

On average, clients achieve 5%+ return attendance.

Expand your engagement

Nurture marketing opt-in from your casual fans to bring them into the fold. Enable omnichannel strategies that maximize engagement and opportunities for conversion.

Friends and family of the fan

Use your 360° view of the fan to identify opportunities to reach their friends and family. Personalize the marketing approach to their unique demographics to get the entire social circle engaged.

A team you can count on

We’re in this together. Our Customer Success team knows the ins and outs of the platform (and your fan data) better than anyone. Whether we’re walking you through platform features, providing support as you execute Stellar Plays, or helping you identify and make sense of trends in your data, we’re committed to coaching, shooting straight, and making the assist for your goals.

News you should know

NBA signs multiyear deal, takes equity stake in consumer data firm

The National Basketball Association has signed a multiyear deal with consumer data firm StellarAlgo, with the league’s investment arm taking an ownership stake in the firm as it looks to grow its portfolio.

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