In the News: Flames, Stamps move to connect with fans through data

October 10, 2019

Calgary Business

From Calgary Business

We were recently featured in Calgary’s Business in an article about our partnership with CSEC and how they are looking to our platform to provide more personalized experiences and better understand their audience. Check out this excerpt from the article:

StellarAlgo is a customer data platform that helps professional sports teams maximize the potential of their data through machine learning.

“At Calgary Sports & Entertainment we are constantly trying to find methods to make our fans’ in-game experience even better,” said CSEC vice-president of information technology and food and beverage, Ziad Mehio, in a statement.

“StellarAlgo brings us to an entire new level of customer service, one which allows us to personalize our relationship with our top clients, our fanbase. The end objective is always happy customers.”


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