How Successful Companies Fuel Growth with StellarAlgo


Apr 23, 2018


Geographic visualizations have been available in the past, but have historically lacked actionability. In an increasingly complex world, with lean staffs and explosive data growth, StellarAlgo’s Customer Data Platform provides next-level actionability and ease of use that allows you to idenitfy and nurture your customer relationships like never before.

Most organizations lose between 90% – 95% of individual event purchasers per year and with simple steps like these below, our customers have been able to reduce individual buyer churn and drive significant value from collected data:

  1. Access StellarAlgo’s Geo Mapping views in the left hand menu bar
  2. Filter for a number of recent and relevant events
  3. Isolate group buyers in specific target areas by multi-selecting hot zip codes or concentric circle distances from the venue
  4. Export fan list to .csv or push them directly into marketing automation or CRM systems
  5. Easily track and measure activity and conversion of those target customers in the Customer Data Platform!

The StellarAlgo Customer Data Platform fully integrates with ticketing, marketing automation and CRM systems, so that data is automated and available when you need it most.

Spend time taking action on your data instead of waiting for lengthy, manual analyses.


More fans.

Better Engagement.

Stellar Results.

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