Using Data & Analytics: Where to Start and How to Drive Value

Using Data & Analytics: Where to Start and How to Drive Value


Nov 01, 2018


Data & analytics has quickly become one of the more talked about subjects in the sports industry. Whether you’re a major or minor league sports team, your sales and marketing data is key for understanding how to grow fan engagement, affinity, and revenues. You are likely already collect ticketing, email marketing, survey, and CRM data, but now what? What opportunities are you missing? Where is the hidden value that can immediately accelerate revenues and improve your sales and marketing efforts?

On Thursday, November 15, StellarAlgo will host a free webinar with Front Office Sports to help you answer those exact questions. We’ll share how to start the process of becoming a data- driven organization, and how to drive real value from your data.

We’ll be joined by an expert panel, including:

The LA Galaxy are at the forefront of the major professional sports leagues in North America in terms of using data to drive decision-making in their business, including leveraging superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic to drive attendance by +10% year-over-year. The Sacramento River Cats have established themselves as one of the most innovative and forward-thinking organizations in Minor League Baseball (MiLB). They are a prime example of how cultural alignment can drive results, including being named Forbes’ most valuable MiLB franchise. The Milwaukee Admirals are a progressive American Hockey League (AHL) franchise who, through strong leadership, are living the journey of becoming a more data-centric organization as they implement aggressive long-term growth strategies.

Webinar partner Front Office Sports is a leading digital publisher delivering news and insight to professionals and executives at the intersection of sports and business. They work with some of the most well-known companies in the sports industry to drive consumer awareness and action for their products or solutions.

Many organizations struggle with a lack of budget, time, or resources to analyze the massive amounts of data they’ve collected, and valuable consumer insights sit idle, their potential untapped. We’ll teach you the steps and tools you’ll need to to tap into the value of your fans’ behavior.

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