StellarAlgo and Chic Geek partner to accelerate career development and access for women in technology

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Jul 25, 2022


Calgary, AB – StellarAlgo and Chic Geek are excited to announce a new partnership to support the shared goal of investing in and furthering career opportunities for women in the technology sector. This partnership will enable StellarAlgo to attract and hire a more diverse team by connecting with Chic Geek’s extensive community of women in tech, and to provide mentorship, career support, and development to StellarAlgo’s team and to Chic Geek’s community by participating in Chic Geek’s purpose-driven Career Pathing program.

Launched in 2014, Chic Geek is a non-profit organization that seeks to build gender diversity in technology. Chic Geek’s programs, events, services, and partnerships facilitate connections that help women in intermediate technology roles build a path of advancement, leadership, and a meaningful career. As the leading customer cloud platform for the sports and live audience industry, the leadership team at StellarAlgo are keenly aware of how significantly women are underrepresented in technology roles. As part of this partnership, StellarAlgo will collaborate with Chic Geek on talent acquisition initiatives geared toward attracting more diverse candidates by sharing the StellarAlgo story and career opportunities with the Chic Geek community.

“Women leave positions in technology because they don’t see themselves represented and can’t see a path forward,” said Kylie Woods, Founder of Chic Geek. “Career Pathing helps women build a network and community so they can see career growth options and develop the right paths for themselves. We are thrilled to partner with StellarAlgo to help them create opportunities for their team – and our community – to develop and grow.”

Another key element of the partnership is StellarAlgo’s participation in Chic Geek’s Career Pathing program, which provides StellarAlgo employees the opportunity to contribute to advancing the careers of women in technology, as either a mentor or mentee.

“Diverse teams bring diverse views and experiences, and we are all better for it. We recognize women are underrepresented in the technology field, and we’re committed to addressing this discrepancy any way we can – Chic Geek’s Career Pathing program will help us develop and retain our valued team members,” said Vincent Ircandia, Founder and CEO of StellarAlgo. “Partnering with Chic Geek is a tangible way we can reach more women in our community to showcase our company and job opportunities; to provide our internal team with avenues to share their knowledge and experience as a mentor, or to further build their career as a mentee; and to walk the talk regarding our commitment to fostering a supportive, inclusive, and flexible environment for our entire team.”

Increasing the number of women in technology is a perennial challenge in the industry and one StellarAlgo endeavours to help address. According to statistics assembled by Chic Geek, women hold only 21 percent of technology roles in Canada, while 48 percent of women in technology feel their career goals and growth have been stunted. Women are also more than two times as likely to quit technology jobs than men. By partnering with Chic Geek, StellarAlgo aims to build greater awareness and access to diverse talent, to take concrete action on diversity aspirations, and to provide essential career development for its team.

“Being a workplace where we attract, engage and retain a diverse team is important to us as a company and fundamental to our culture,” said Jana Taylor, Chief People & Culture Officer at StellarAlgo. “We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace, and we recognize that we have work to do in this area. The two biggest opportunities we believe we can concentrate our efforts at our current stage are recruiting and career development – this is where we feel we have can make the biggest impact right now toward increasing diversity.”

About StellarAlgo

Founded in 2016, StellarAlgo is the leading customer cloud platform for the sports and entertainment industry, serving live audience organizations in North America and Europe, including enthusiast brands, sports teams, sponsors, and live events properties. With the most modern Data Warehouse offering on the market underpinning its flagship Customer Data Platform (CDP), industry professionals use StellarAlgo’s customer cloud platform to connect and engage with fans on a personalized level never before seen in the industry.

Backed by proprietary machine learning technology trained on over 40-billion interaction data points across more than 100-million unique records, StellarAlgo’s customer cloud platform enables industry professionals to predict and understand how fans engage with their favorite properties while implementing a fan-centric approach that maximizes the lifetime value of their fan universe – it’s the reason more than 85 major and minor league sports franchises, entertainment, and live audience organizations put the StellarAlgo platform at the core of their operations. StellarAlgo is headquartered in Calgary, Canada. For more information, please visit

About Chic Geek 

Chic Geek exists to build gender diversity in technology, a sector that’s shaping the world we live in. Mid-career women are most likely to leave technology companies and careers because they don’t see a clear path to advancement. Our mission is to engage, retain and support intermediate women in tech through programs such as Career Pathing, Events, the Diversity Motherboard, and our many industry Partnerships. More women in tech will have a bold and beneficial impact on our future. That’s why we help women find their future and forge new paths, ultimately increasing gender diversity in technology. Welcome to Chic Geek, your space to thrive:

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