StellarAlgo and FanCompass Partner to Integrate 1st Party Digital Data as Fans Move Online

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Aug 12, 2020


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FanCompass is now a core integration into StellarAlgo’s Customer Data Platform, making fan data more valuable for teams and their sponsors

StellarAlgo and FanCompass are proud to announce a partnership that will add an additional layer of fan data to a sports organizations’ single customer view, as fans shift more of their engagement and behaviors online. With audiences currently not attending games (or in a limited capacity), organizations are looking for new ways to better understand and activate their audiences online. This partnership will enable teams to collect data from gamified team campaigns (contests, games, polls, trivia) or digital sponsor activations, and link it to fan profiles for use in future campaigns.

“We are excited about this partnership and how it will allow us to further enrich fan profiles with the extensive digital data points that FanCompass collects,” stated StellarAlgo CEO, Vince Ircandia. “The ability to capture more of that sentiment and interest data through digital channels and add those data points to our engagement models will be important when it’s time to win fans back.”

FanCompass works with teams and sponsors to launch digital campaigns to collect 1st party data and generate new leads, while StellarAlgo integrates these new data points into its single customer view, to then be activated on for sales, service, and marketing efforts. Within StellarAlgo’s customer data platform, FanCompass leads and their data are now discoverable in StellarAlgo’s Lead Universe as an acquisition channel, in the Cohort Builder to segment and tied to the machine learning models.

“There is an unprecedented digital acceleration happening right now in the sports industry,” adds FanCompass CEO, Jamie Pardi.  “More teams are truly understanding the importance of fan data.  With this new partnership, 1st party fan data collected through the FanCompass activation platform is integrated into the StellarAlgo data platform creating a more robust data set and actionable insights that ultimately generate a faster ROI for our mutual clients.”

As organizations communicate and engage with the modern fan, they are turning to FanCompass’s digital activation solutions to ensure they are done in a meaningful way. With the increase in digital engagements teams are seeing the opportunity to use new data to better understand their fanbase, turning to tools such as StellarAlgo’s Customer Data Platform to connect this data and leverage it for segmentation or predictive insights to drive further personalized outreach. Through this new partnership, sport organizations gain the automated ability to understand what is resonating across different fan engagement campaigns so the sales, sponsorship and marketing teams can accelerate digital learnings and ultimately create lifelong fans.

About FanCompass

Headquartered in San Rafael, Calif., FanCompass is the leading sports tech platform for digital 1st party fan data collection, lead generation, and sponsor activation in the sports industry.  FanCompass works with clubs across global leagues including the NFL, NCAA, MiLB, USL, NWSL, and EPL. For more information, visit

About StellarAlgo

StellarAlgo is uniquely positioned to help organizations quickly and cost-effectively organize, analyze, and leverage the data they need to make successful business decisions in order to create the world’s best live event experiences. StellarAlgo works with over 50 sports teams across major and minor league sports as well as major tennis tournaments in North America. For more information, visit

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