Ziad Mehio and Vincent Ircandia discusses StellarAlgo’s partnership with CSEC on SportsNet960 The Fan

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Oct 09, 2019


From SportsNet960 The Fan

Our Founder & CEO, Vincent Ircandia, was recently featured on Sports Net 960 The Fan with Ziad Mehio to discuss StellarAlgo’s partnership with the CSEC. Check out this except and full audio:

“In this world that we are living in, there’s so much noise out there in terms of marketing messaging and sales messaging. There’s so much technology at our fingertips. It can be really hard for us to consume messaging that we really care about and that is important to us. StellarAlgo was really built to find those data insights and provide them to our partners like the flames so they can understand their fans and better meet their needs.” – Vincent Ircandia, Founder & CEO – StellarAlgo

“Data is changing how we do business. Our fans are demanding access to content at a rate we can’t keep up with. We’re using Vince’s team to help us weed through all that data and personalize the interaction for each and every fan.” -Ziad Mehi, VP Technology & Food Services – CSEC


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